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La Dolce Vita collectie

De nieuwe collectie is binnen! Deze prachtige zomerse collectie is geïnspireerd op de Italiaanse heritage van de Romeinen. Niet alleen de prints maar ook de kleuren zijn volledig geïnspireerd op de Italiaanse heritage.

In de Dolce Vita, the Italian dream collectie komt stoer en krachtig terug in combinatie met sexy en delicaat kant. Are you ready to live the Italian dream? 

Discover our new collection!

The new season is coming, change is around the corner, slowly the days are getting longer and the air is changing, we can feel the promises of a new summer ahead of us.

Which will start with spring filled with kisses of soft lavender tones and scents. To awaken us from the long winter months.

We feel the power in us growing getting ready for owning our wild side this summer.

Inspired by the force of nature, we are going to push through boundaries and opinions and let our wild side be unleashed.

Be free, be you, be UNTAMED

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