- 4 Tips for feeling confident in your lingerie -

Creating my own lingerie is a dream come true!  I believe every woman deserves to feel confident and sexy. My captivating lingerie will surely make you feel this way and here are 4 tip’s if you need a little extra confidence boost.

1. The right fit 

Feeling confident starts with wearing the right bra size and bottom! Lingerie that is too small can be uncomfortable and lingerie that is too big won’t hug your body tightly enough. Regardless of your body type or breast size, there is always a perfect lingerie for you. Click here to view our entire selection to find your perfect bra!

2. Your Style

Another important tip when it comes to feeling confident, is choosing the lingerie that fits your style. My Sapph by Faya collection was made for every woman to feel sensual and sexy. Bras, bottoms in delicate laces in different shapes and sizes. From wired to soft tops, padded and unpadded, there’s something for everyone

3. Choose pieces YOU like

Ladies, always remember: You must wear lingerie for you first, and for your significant other second. Only go for pieces you like! You’ll love putting it on every time.

4. Love your body

We all have imperfections, what makes us perfect! But, not accepting yourself will leave you feeling inadequate. No need for negativity. Tell yourself: You are irresistible, flirtatious and beautiful! ALWAYS EMBRACE YOUR KILLER BODY!


- Sexiest black lingerie for every size - 

Beautiful, sexy and well fitted black bra’s. Sapph by Faya offers a range of different shapes and sizes, padded or unpadded. Check which sexy bra has the perfect fit for you!

Cup size A-C

1)      Jeanne Strapless longline - Available in size 70B- 90E

2)       Intense bralette - Available in size XS- XL

3)       Cuddles Push up bra longline - Available in size 70B- 90E

Cup size D-E

1)       Jeanne padded wire bra- Available in size 70B- 90E

2)      Poison unpadded wire halter- Available in size 70B- 90E

3)      Dominance - Available in size 70B-90E

- A Lingerie Vision -

My own lingerie is a dream come true. Beautiful, sexy, well fitted and affordable bras and knickers were difficult to find. Therefore my mission was to create the lingerie collection of my dreams, and I can finally present it to YOU.

For Sapph by Faya I was inspired by the trends I see in fashion and social media. Every woman deserves to feel confident and sexy. I wanted to create a collection in which I feel good, sensual and sexy, where I feel like myself…

Curious for the result..? Come and see for yourself! Look at all the pretty little things I have made for you. Bras, knickers in delicate lace in different shapes and sizes, wired, soft tops, padded and unpadded.

Enjoy the collection!

XXX Faya