Returning products

On this page you can find all information regarding trading and returning your orders. If you have any questions after reading the text below, you can always reach out to our customer service: You can reach the customer service at


What are the conditions for returns?

When you receive an article from Sapph you can look at it, judge it and/or see if it fits just like you would in a physical store. If you want to forgo your purchase, you need to let Sapph know within 14 days after receiving the entire order. We prefer it if you use the included return form and send it to us along with the articles you do not want to keep within 14 days after you have received the entire order. You can also let Sapph know in any other way that you do not want to go through with the purchase (for example using post or e-mail) within 14 days of the delivery of the entire order. In that case, you need to send the unwanted articles to Sapph within 14 days after letting them know. Send the filled in return form with the products so we have all the information we need to process your returns as soon as possible. You can also use this example text for you recall, but it is not obligatory.

Send it to: Sapph distribution B.V. Hoofdveste 10, 3992 DG Houten The Netherlands. E-mail:

I / We [*] hereby give notice that I / We [*] cancel my/our [*] contract of sale of the following goods [*]/for supply of the following service[*], ordered on [*]/ received on [*]. Name of consumer(s), Adress of consumer(s), Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper). Date.

[*] delete as appropriate.

Using the web shop you can only return articles, but you can’t trade them. Of course, you can place a new order if you want to receive another article. Sapph articles that are not bought at our web shop but at physical shops and/or other web shops can’t be returned at our web shop.

Check the full cancellation policy here.

How do I return an article?

We prefer that you package the articles you want to return in the original packaging bag or box, or another solid packaging box – we ask you to do this to prevent the bra cups from caving in – and include the filled in return form. Stick the lower part of the return form on the box. That is where out address is listed, so make sure it is clearly visible. Have you lost your return form? No problem, please contact our customer service so they can help you out.

When and how does Sapph pay the returned products back?

Sapph refunds the total price of the articles you have returned within 14 days after you have let us know you do not want to go through with buying them. The refund will arrive at the same payment method you have paid your order with.

If Sapph has not received the articles yet within the timespan mentioned earlier, Sapph will refund the total price either when Sapph has received the articles, or when you prove that the articles have been sent, if that is at an earlier moment.

If an order with a discount is returned partially, and the rest of the order does not comply with the conditions of the promotion anymore, Sapph will detract the discount that was too high with the refund.

If you return an entire order, Sapph will refund the total price of the complete order, including the paid delivery costs.


What should I do if I have a complaint about an order?

You can always expect a good product from Sapph. If, by accident, we have delivered a damaged or wrong product to you, please report this as soon as possible and fill in the reason/kind of complaint on the return form so we can process the complaint as well as possible. You can also contact the customer service. 

If you have returned the article and the complaint is valid, Sapph will not charge the €1,95 contribution to the return costs. If the entire order has been returned, the paid delivery costs are refunded as well.

If you would rather receive a replacement/correct/undamaged article, please contact our customer service. If the desired article is still in stock, they will help you place the order so that you don’t have to pay any delivery costs.

If you return an order partially or entirely, you pay a contribution to the return costs amounting to €1,95. This will be reserved from the refund payment.