Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure about getting a Sapph account yet, can you quickly list the advantages for me? 

We are very glad you are interested in a Sapph account. A Sapph account makes shopping with us even easier and more fun! A short overview of the advantages: Your sizes and address information will be remembered automatically, which makes it even faster and easier to place an order. You will be able to view information about your order at any time you want. You will receive our newsletter with all the latest Sapph news.


I want to give someone a fantastic present, do you sell gift cards?

That is a very good idea! Unfortunately, we do not sell any gift cards for now. However, it is definitely something we will introduce in the future. Do you want to stay up to date on this expansion? Go to the homepage and sign up for our newsletter.

Can I pay with other gift cards or vouchers at Sapph?

No, unfortunately we do not accept any gift cards or vouchers at the moment.


How can I pay at the web shop?
You can pay with credit card.

Do the prices in the web shop include VAT?

Yes, the prices in the web shop include VAT.


I am not sure about my size, do you have any advice?

That is nothing to be ashamed of! For more information about finding the right size we would like to refer you to our lingerie fitting room. Are you not sure about your size for swimwear? Then go have a look at our fitting room beach.


Are all articles that are available in the web shop also for sale in the stores?

No, unfortunately not. A lot of stores only have a limited set of our products in stock. That is the great thing about our web shop, you can view our entire product range here!


I have received a discount code, how do I use it?

In the shopping bag, below the products you have added, you can find a field where you can fill in your discount code. Does the discount code not work and are you sure the code meets all the requirements? Please contact our customer service.


I work during the day, can I deliver my order to a pick-up point as well?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. You can only have it delivered to your home address.


Is it possible to cancel or change an order?

Have you changed your mind about your order? No problem! Until the very moment you receive an order confirmation from us in your mailbox, it is still possible to cancel. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the order. Have you received the order confirmation from us? Then it is not possible to cancel your order anymore. Alternative? Sit tight until the order has been delivered and then start the return procedure. To do this, visit the page trade and return for more information.


I have ordered the wrong size/the wrong model. How can I return my article?

Unfortunately, this can’t be done automatically by indicating it on the return form. You have to return the wrong size and then place a new order for the right size on the web shop.


I haven’t received an order/shipment confirmation, does that mean something went wrong?

We are very sorry! Our colleagues at the customer service would love to help you out. Please contact them at Thank you for your patience!


Is there a wish list that I can put products on that are currently not available?

No, sadly products that are not available currently cannot be put on a wish list.


How can I unsubscribe from the Sapph newsletter?

It’s a pity you want to unsubscribe... You can find the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of every newsletter.


I have returned a product, but I have not received a confirmation mail and/or my money has not been refunded yet!
We will refund the money as soon as we have received your returned product. The money will be refunded by Ingenico, so this name will be in the caption. Thank you for your patience!


I have a question, but the FAQ does not really help me. Who can help me out?

Our colleagues at the customer service can definitely help you. Please contact them at Thank you for your patience!