Working conditions

We design and sell our own lingerie and swimwear. The production takes place at specialised suppliers. We make an effort to improve the working conditions at our suppliers step by step. Our Code of Conduct contains descriptions on the way we work and how we want our suppliers to treat their employees. This means, among other things, that

•             child labour is not allowed,

•             forced labour is not allowed,

•             discrimination is not allowed,

•             the workspace must be safe, and

•             employees are allowed to be members of a trade union or organise themselves.  

Our full Code of Conduct can be read here:

We produce in various countries worldwide.


We enter a long-term cooperation with our suppliers. That way we can reward good behaviour and have a bigger influence on the way production takes place. We share capacity plans with our biggest suppliers, so they can prepare themselves for the highs and lows in the production of our clothes, and can prevent extreme work times from occurring.


Step by step improvement

We use our influence to realise positive changes in the factories, but we cannot do it alone. That is why we are a member of the BSCI, the Business Social Compliance Initiative. BSCI is an independent organisation with the purpose of improving work conditions in production chains worldwide. We work together with 1500 other companies in realising improvements for employees step by step. For more information you can visit

We also get factories checked by independent inspectors from the BSCI. The independent inspector checks the entire factory, talks to the employees and verifies the administration. To improve the knowledge of our suppliers, we give constructive feedback to the improvement plans and we enable our suppliers to attend BSCI trainings. That way, we accompany our suppliers in improving their work conditions step by step. Also, our purchase teams from the Netherlands travel to the production countries twice every year to visit the suppliers and factories there. By engaging in partnerships with suppliers, our purchase department stimulates development and professionalization with suppliers.