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Article 1 – Definitions
These General Terms and Conditions shall include:

1.Thinking Time: The term within which the consumer can use his right of withdrawal;
2. Consumer: The natural person who does not act in the exercise of occupation or business and a Remote Agreement with Sapph Distribution B.V ..
3. Day: A calendar day.
4. Right of withdrawal: The option provided for in Article 6 for the Consumer to waive the Agreement within 14 days.
5. Sapph: The legal person Sapph Distribution B.V. Which offers products remotely to consumers through the Website;
6. Agreement: The agreement concluded between Sapph and the Consumer via the Website.
7. Website / Webshop: The website


Article 2 - Identity of the entrepreneur

N Name of Entrepreneur: Sapph Distribution B.V.

Trades under the name: Sapph

In these terms and conditions, this entrepreneur is referred to as 'Sapph'.

Location Address:

Hoofdveste 10

3992 DG Houten

The Netherlands


T General telephone number: +31 (0) 30- 634 6619 From monday to friday from 09:00 to 17:00.

Phone number Website: +31 (0) 30- 634 6619 From monday to friday from 09:00 to 17:00.

Fax number of general business: +31 (0) 30- 634 6612


Kvk-number: 53143124 BTW-identification number: NL85.07.65.730.B.01


Article 3 - Applicability
1. These Terms and Conditions form part of any Sapph offer and apply to any concluded Sapph Agreement with the Consumer.

2. Sapph reserves the right to change these terms and conditions unilaterally. The most recent version of these Terms and Conditions will always be available through the Webshop. The version of the terms and conditions that apply to an order is the version that can be found on the Website at the time of placing the order by the Consumer.


Article 4 - The offer
1. The products offered in the Webshop constitute an offer to the Consumer based on the information provided in the Webshop.

2. If an offer has a limited period of validity or is subject to conditions, this is explicitly stated in the offer.

3. The offer contains as fully and accurately as possible the description of the products offered to enable a good assessment of the offer by the Consumer. If Sapph uses image material, this is a true faithful representation of the products offered. However, Sapph can not guarantee that the color (s) of products such as those displayed on the Webshop exactly match the actual color (s) of the products. How color is displayed depends on your computer settings.

4. Apparent errors or errors in the offer do not bind Sapph.


Article 5 - The agreement
1. Subject to the provisions of paragraph 4 of this Article, the Agreement shall be concluded at the time of acceptance by the Consumer of the Offer and compliance with the conditions attached thereto.

2. If the Consumer has accepted the offer electronically, Sapph immediately confirms receipt of acceptance of the offer by electronic means.

3. If the Agreement is established electronically, Sapph shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the electronic transmission of data and ensure a secure web environment. If the Consumer can pay electronically, Sapph will take appropriate safety measures.

4. Sapph may, within the legal frameworks, state whether the Consumer is able to meet its payment obligations, as well as all the facts and factors that are relevant for the accountability of the Agreement. If, on the basis of this investigation, Sapph has good grounds for not entering into the Agreement, it is entitled to refuse an order or application or to impose special conditions on the execution.


Article 6 - Right of withdrawal
1. When purchasing products, the Consumer has the option to cancel the agreement without giving reasons (the right of withdrawal) for 14 days. This term expires on the day after receipt of the product by the consumer or a third party designated by the Consumer, not the carrier, or the day after the consumer or a third party designated by the Consumer, not Being the carrier, has received the last case if the Consumer has ordered several items delivered separately in one order.

2. If the Consumer wishes to make use of his right of withdrawal, he shall notify Sapph within the time limit referred to in paragraph 1 of this article. For this purpose, the Consumer may use the returned return receipt and return this return form together with the unwanted products to Sapph within 14 days of receipt of the entire order. The Consumer may also by any other means inform Sapph in any other manner within the period referred to in paragraph 1 of this article that he wishes to use his right of withdrawal, for example by means of the model form for revocation (see Appendix 1) or in another unambiguous manner (e.g. By mail or email). Then he will return the products - complete and, as reasonable as possible, in original condition and packaging with attached price tag to Sapph, in accordance with the instructions provided by Sapph on the Website.

3. The Consumer shall return the products to Sapph as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the notification referred to in paragraph 2 accompanied by the completed return slip.

4. Sapph does not offer the Consumer the option of exchanging or returning the products ordered in the Webshop at a Sapph store.

5. During the period referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, the Consumer shall carefully handle the products and the packaging. He will only extract or use the products to the extent that it is reasonably necessary to assess whether he wishes to maintain the products. In this context, it is assumed that the consumer may use and inspect the product only as he would do in a store.

6. The Consumer is solely responsible for impairment of the product resulting from a way of dealing with the product beyond that permitted under paragraph 5.


Article 7 - Costs in case of revocation
1. If the Consumer makes use of his right of withdrawal, part of the cost of returning to Sapph will be payable. The Consumer contributes € 1.95 to the cost of return if he returns the products via a Sapph-designated carrier. When the Consumer returns the products in another way, the cost of this alternative return shipment will be charged and Sapph will not charge the 1.95 Euro contribution.

2. If the Consumer has already paid the purchase price for the product, Sapph will, within 14 days of receipt of the declaration, withdraw all payments received by the consumer (minus the refund in return as in paragraph 1 of this article Certain), including shipping costs. However, if the Consumer wishes to retain certain products and thus wishes to return only part of the order using the withdrawal right, the shipping costs will not be refunded.

3. Sapph uses repayment the same means of payment that the Consumer has used in his order, unless the Consumer agrees with another method. This refund is always free.

4. Unless Sapph offers the product itself, Sapph may wait for repayment until it has received the product or shows to the Consumer that he / she has returned the product, the first time will always apply.

Article 8 - Price

1. During the period of validity of the offer, prices of the products offered by Sapph will not be increased, except for price changes resulting from changes in VAT rates.

2. Prices mentioned in the offer of products include VAT.


Article 9 - Conformity and Warranty

1. If a product fails to comply with the agreement, the Consumer will receive the purchase price (including any shipping costs if it concerns the entire order) and any return costs. The Consumer must report this as soon as possible through the return slip or customer service. If the product is still available, the Consumer may also choose to receive a replacement product without the need to charge shipping costs with the Customer Service.

2. A product offered by Sapph, its manufacturer or its importer as a guarantee does not affect the rights and claims that the Consumer may incur in the performance of Sapph's obligations to Sapph on the basis of the Law or the agreement.

3. However, Sapph is not liable for defects arising from the delivery of the products as a result of improper use or lack of care, or resulting from changes made by the Consumer or a third party. Nor does Sapph report any damage caused as a result of these defects.

 Article 10 - Delivery and execution

1. Sapph shall take the utmost care when receiving and executing orders for the products.

2. The place of delivery is the address that the Consumer has made known to Sapph.

3. Subject to what is stated in Article 4 of these Terms, Sapph will make every effort to deliver accepted orders within 2 business days, unless another delivery period is communicated to an item. If an order can not be executed, or only partially, the Consumer will receive notification of this within 14 days after placing the order. In that case, the Consumer has the right to dissolve the Agreement, for the part that it can not be executed.

4. In the event of dissolution in accordance with the previous paragraph, Sapph shall in any case be entitled to refund the amount paid by the Consumer as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days after the date of dissolution.

5. If delivery of a ordered product proves impossible, Sapph will only be required to deduct or refund the cost of the product concerned from the total cost.

6. The risk of damage and / or loss of products is based on the moment of delivery to the Consumer at Sapph, unless expressly agreed otherwise. In case the Consumer designates a carrier and the choice for this carrier is not offered by Sapph, the risk of damage and / or loss of products to the Consumer at the time of receipt of the products by this carrier


Article 11 – Payment
1. The Consumer must pay the payments to Sapph according to the methods given in the order procedure on the webshop.

2. Sapph reserves the right to accept only certain types of payment, or to refuse a transaction if address or creditworthiness checks have given a negative result.

3. Any amounts owed by the Consumer after delivery of the products must be paid by the Consumer within 14 days after the commencement of the notice referred to in Article 6, paragraph 1, or in the absence of a notice within 14 Days after the conclusion of the Agreement

4. The Consumer is obliged to notify Sapph without delay of any incorrect or reported payment information.

5. In case of non-payment by the Consumer (for example due to cancellation or other payment issues), Sapph, subject to legal restrictions, has the right to charge reasonable administrative costs.


Article 12 – Payment
1. If a part of these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid or null and void, this does not affect the validity of the remaining parts of the Terms and Conditions, and these remaining parts will be retained without effect.

2. Individual derogations, including additions or extensions of these Terms, must be recorded in writing between Sapph and the Consumer.

3. For promotional codes, only one promotion per person, per order is allowed, unless stated otherwise. Vouchers and gift vouchers can not be purchased at a discount. It is not allowed to use multiple promotional codes in combination.


Article 13 – Disputes
1. The agreement is governed by Dutch law.

2. Any disputes arising from the Agreement may be submitted only to the competent court in Utrecht.


Article 14 -Contact Details
Sapph Distribution B.V.

Hoofdveste 10

3992 DG Houten

The Netherlands

General telephone number: +31 (0) 30-634 6619 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00).

Phone number Website: +31 (0) 30-634 6619 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00).

Fax number of general business: +31 (0) 30-634 6612