- The Comfort Bra: One basic for every outfit - 

The Comfort collection from Sapph is beautifully smooth and comfortable. The bra features a light push up at the bottom of the cup, giving breasts a light support for the perfect fit. Moreover, the bra is made from soft fabric and is seamless. You won’t even feel it! 


The shoulder straps of the bra are multi-functional as they can be worn in three ways: normal, crossed and halter. In short: a basic bra with the ultimate comfort and many possibilities!


Each bra comes with its very own matching bottoms, such as thongs or Brazilian shorts. All in the same soft and seamless design. The Comfort collection is always available in three colours: black, red and skin. You can also find many other vibrant colours in our seasonal collections. The Comfort is the best basic and fashionable collection you will have. It’s a must have lingerie item for every wardrobe.


- First testpanel tries Comfort bra - 

This summer we wanted to know how women feel about our Comfort bra. To find out, we invited women aged 18-65 to join us during a test panel at our head office.

We started off with an quite intriguing assignment, by asking our participants to draw their breasts and write in one sentence explaining how they feel about them. For some this was quite hard and confronting, for others it was a way to show how proud they were. Each woman had her own story to tell, and this was really beautiful to see. The next task lead us to the fitting room. Here, each participant received their own Comfort bra in their size and selected colour. They were super excited to try it out, as some have never owned a Sapph bra.

“I love the colour and it’s super soft! You don’t even feel it.”- Anette, 46

Most of our participant’s first reactions when trying it on was: ‘’It’s so soft!”. During this fitting room session the ladies were able to discuss the form, feel and colours of the bras. Many mentioned they loved the fact that the bra had a double lining which was seamless. This way you could wear it underneath every clothing without even seeing it. Others felt it was a relief to wear such a supportive bra with a light push up. This gave it great support and the perfect fit. Moreover, our participants were impressed by the fashionable look and colours of the Comfort bra.

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This season glam chic meets street style in the newest fall|winter 2018 Sapph lingerie collection. Drawing inspiration from the urban lifestyles of London, mixed with bold, provocative styles and colors. Get ready because London is calling!


The London Attitude collection draws inspiration from the urban lifestyles of London. The collection features gorgeous warm colors such as plum perfect, sangria and print. A provocative collection with bold fashion statements. To make it even more bold we’ve added four extraordinary pieces to the collection. It includes our favorite Mistress collection in 2-tone black and white, and also the very special Message collection that will make every woman want to conquer the whole world. Glam meets street style in the second collection. Taking a focus more on heritage and colors, this collection focuses on simplicity in dress. Peach nude, forest night, lime and dress blue are the central colors of this group. This sassy collection takes an unexpected outlook over every aspect of your life. Clean, minimal, restrained and elegant in a modern way.

NOS collection

The NOS (never out of stock) collection offers a range of very comfortable basics. Our Comfort, Fabulous, Thalia and Dream collections are all items are available in red, white, black and skin. This season find your favorites in a range of new colors. Such as raspberry pinks, dramatic blues and sophisticated berry colors. Each one creates the right foundation for your underwear drawers. From your professional self, through your demure self, to your sexy self. We’ve got it covered!