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Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. We are all so different, all so unique. Sapph doesn’t care what body type box we tick. The only thing that matters is feeling beautiful inside and out, loving every curve, bump, imperfection and stamp of individuality, embracing our femininity and being proud of the reflection in the mirror.
Wearing the right lingerie can transform our day, put spring in your step, make us radiate confidence, just like good hair day or an unexpected compliment. On days like that, we simply love who and what we are.
What we feel on the inside, we project on the outside. And it is breathtakingly beautiful.


About our company 

Just like the women who wear our lingerie, we are ambitious. From the foundation on in 2005, Sapph has grown into a popular brand with international allure. The year of 2015 marks the international expansion. In the meantime, the amount of selling points has grown to 400 in the Benelux, 150 in Germany and another 100 spread all over the world. Also, we have many shop-in-shops in established warehouses like INNO and Hudson's Bay and online at Zalando, Wehkamp, Amazon and La Redoute. Sapph stands for beautiful and sensual lingerie. As a wholesale brand, Sapph is part of the successful Dutch company Cool Investments, one of the biggest fashion retailers in the Benelux and Germany.


Our mission: making and selling lingerie that makes women feel sexy and powerful.